Eduardo Paolozzi (1924 – 2005) was born in Edinburgh to Italian parents and is regarded as the founding father of Pop Art. From working in his parents’ sweet shop in Leith to teaching throughout the world – via a stint at Saughton prison during the war – Eduardo’s life was as varied and colourful as his work. His art took on a life of its own as he re-envisioned the everyday in his work or, in his own words, he revealed the ‘sublime in the everyday’.

To find out more about his life, and more specifically his public sculptures in London, take a look at this short video.



Paolozzi is our ‘muse’, if you like. For us, he represents the best of modern Scotland. More than haggis and tartan, he embodies the playfulness, inventiveness and open-mindedness that makes Scotland so unique and vibrant, all echoing the values of Edinburgh Beer Factory and our Paolozzi lager.

The Paolozzi foundation

We work closely with the Paolozzi Foundation and make a charitable donation for each bottle and pint of Paolozzi lager that we sell. This supports them in promoting and preserving the works and legacy of Eduardo. Given his enthusiasm for the unconventional, and for the combination of art and science, we reckon he’d be into this craft beer thing.

The Paolozzi Foundation – charity number – 1042462


Paolozzi had a thing for trash and the trashy. Seeing the beauty in the ordinary, often mass-produced objects that were a part of everyday life, he refashioned advertisements, packaging and even scrap metal into art.

So when it came to brewing our first beer, it had to be a lager. That largely mass-produced, most common of beer styles is grossly underestimated, but if done well, can be a thing of beauty.

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