Hoppy New Beer!


Happy New Year from all of us at Edinburgh Beer Factory!


We believe in the “New Year, new me” approach. With this in mind we’re very pleased to introduce our glisteningly new full range of beers.


All of our beers start out in a small tank surrounded by brewers experimenting with flavour. Then we wait, we taste, we tinker and wait and taste and tinker until we have before us something that has us brimming with pride. In 1952, Eduardo Paolozzi called his first experimental refashioning of pop culture ‘BUNK!’, this later paved the way for the Pop-Art movement. Today we are breaking through what started as experimental, into the realised. We are giving arms and legs (and a new face) to our beers formerly known as ‘BUNK!’.





Committed to giving legs to the spectacular, we have recently unveiled two new beers! First off, UNTITLED IPA: a paradox in name and in nature, an IPA to challenge the over-hopped, underwhelming IPAs of this world. Slovenian Styrian Wolf and German Mandarina Bavaria Hops foxtrot on a rich malt base, releasing delicate flares of mandarin and blackcurrant.





UNTITLED IPA is the essence of what we love about Edinburgh; its modern, outward-looking and proudly distinctive. Edinburgh water and ale yeast is amongst the finest in the world for brewing and creates flavours that are unreplicable beyond Edinburgh. We’ve dry-hopped with new European hop strains to elusify the bitterness and dance around what you would expect from an IPA. This is an IPA made in Edinburgh and from Edinburgh.




We also wanted to create a lower ABV Pale Ale that doesn’t sacrifice flavour but illuminates it. We wanted to create a punchy, fruity, zesty flavour without over-hopping. We wanted a smooth, velvety, hazy Pale that was for all beer-lovers. Then came Z.E.E.P.





A 3.5% Mediterranean Pale Ale. Inspired by Paolozzi’s 1970 ‘Zero Energy Experimental Pile’, named after a nuclear reactor, with this beer we’ve split the atom and realised the boundless potential that lies in a lower ABV Pale. Searing lemon and rounding fresh rosemary gives sunlight through the autumnal haze of this full-bodied Pale. Put simply, if Edinburgh has four seasons in a day then Z.E.E.P. is four seasons in a beer.



Our new full range is available online, on tap our Brewery Taproom and in bottle at our Brewery shop in Bankhead.

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