Paolozzi on your doorstep: Online shop now live

We’ve just launched our online shop, so you can now order Paolozzi lager and gift sets for home delivery to any UK address. From 6 bottles upward, delivery is a flat rate of £5 and your beer should be with you within 2-3 days.

If you’d like to mix in some half pint glasses with your beer order, either include a gift pack in your order (3 bottles + half pint glass + beermats + Paolozzi poster) or add a request to replace one or more of your beer bottles with a half pint glass, e.g. 5 bottles + 1 glass rather than a 6 pack of beer

Right now we’re busy packing these lovelies to head out the door to one of our first online customers.

Paolozzi gift pack

From Bankhead with love…

5 responses to “Paolozzi on your doorstep: Online shop now live

  1. Is it possible to buy just the glasses? My dad loved his gift pack of 3 beers and a glass so much, he wants another 3 glasses to make a set…

    1. Hi Jenny,

      That’s great to hear! Probably the best thing to do is to order a box of 6 beers and add “replace 3 of the bottles with glasses” in the order notes. Or if either of you is every near the brewery (EH11 4EQ) you can buy any number of glasses from the brewery shop.

      Hope that helps,


  2. got my first delivery last week. Great idea. beer is fab. Done the tour its great to see it all happen. Great people great product. Just ” sublime in the everyday”

  3. Hi

    I built a bar in my garden. Do you sell single kegs and Pollozzi beer taps? I live pretty near your factory so could swing by if you’re shop is open.

    Thanks for the great beer.


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