Paolozzi Tank Beer

The idea behind tank beer is simple. It provides drinkers with the freshest tasting beer, as if you were drinking straight from the brewery itself. As we’re sure you’re already aware, our Paolozzi is an award-winning 5.2% Munich-Helles style lager. Brewed with 100% barley malt, it is subtly hopped with two Noble hop varieties, Saaz and Hallertau, and has a perfect bitter/sweet balance. With tank beer you’re getting the unfiltered version of our beer – Paolozzi in its most pure and unadulterated form – slightly cloudier and unpasteurised with that same great lager freshness. Tank Beer drive to our brewery and fill a tank from our own tanks to the brim with Paolozzi. They then take it to the pub so you can enjoy the same great taste you would experience if you were in our brewery.











Our first foray into the world of tank beer took place a couple of months ago when we moved into tank in Indigo Yard. Now we’re onto pastures (or unpasteurised) new. As of this month we shall also have Paolozzi available in tank in Edinburgh’s newest drinking establishment, Brewhemia, based on Market Street in Edinburgh. Featuring several bars, great food, and fantastic beer you’ll have to get yourselves down there to enjoy brewery-fresh Unfiltered Paolozzi.

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