PAOLOZZI Helles Lager, 5.2%

UK’s Best Munich Style Lager 3 years running

(World Beer Awards 2016, 2017 & 2018)

Lager. That most taken for granted, everyday of beers is actually one of the most complex from a brewing perspective, and given due care and imagination really can be sublime.

Brewed with 100% barley malt, ‘munichised’ water, and, most importantly, given a proper lagering (cold conditioning) period for 5-6 weeks following fermentation, this 5.2% abv Munich helles style lager beer has a perfect bitter-sweet balance and fabulously sparkling appearance. We don’t pasteurise our lager, so it’s extra fresh and keeps its natural fullness of flavour.

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Paolozzi Unfiltered, 5.2%

Game-changing lager. Full-bodied, full-flavoured and fresh. This is the UK’s best Helles lager in it’s fullest, unfiltered form.

Paolozzi Unfiltered has a hazy golden appearance, with a soft, full head. The rich, creamy-smooth mouthfeel works perfectly with a beautifully balanced malt sweetness and lightly spicy, herbal hop notes.


Forget the craft beer jargon; this IPA speaks for itself. Old World, new-wave hops add a fruity twang to a surprisingly dry, full malt base. Satisfying and sessionable.

Slovenian Styrian Wolf and German Mandarina Bavaria Hops foxtrot on a rich malt base, releasing delicate flares of mandarin and blackcurrant. UNTITLED IPA is the essence of what we love about Edinburgh; it’s modern, outward-looking and proudly distinctive.

The artwork on the packaging comes from an ‘Untitled Proof’ by Eduardo Paolozzi. Like our IPA, you don’t need a specialist degree to enjoy it – it’s an instant, colourful pleasure.

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Z.E.E.P. Mediterranean Pale, 3.5%

Zero Energy Experimental Pile: an easy-drinking but distinctive 3.5% abv pale ale. Lemon peel and rosemary compliment the hop bitterness with a distinctly Mediterranean flavour.

Eduardo Paolozzi created ‘Zero Energy Experimental Pile’ between 1969 and 1970, named after a nuclear reactor. The impact isn’t devastating, but our ‘Z.E.E.P.’ packs a punch while requiring little effort to enjoy.

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FUTURISM Modern Brown, 6%

World’s Best American Brown Ale 2 years running

(World Beer Awards 2017 & 2018)

Say goodbye to the brown ales of old and have a taste of this futuristic take on the classic style.

The sweet UK brown ale style was previously appropriated by American home brewers and dosed with New World hops to up the juicy bitterness. We’ve taken that American Brown Ale style and pitched in an Edinburgh yeast to give a silky texture to this malty-rich, hoppy-fresh brown ale.

It’s 6% ABV, so a schooner is delicious, and pairs perfectly with chocolate orange. 

Label artwork features an excerpt from Eduardo Paolozzi’s ‘Futurism at Lenabo’, 1964.

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MOONSTRIPS Smoky Wheat, 5%

World’s Best Smoked Beer (World Beer Awards 2018)

‘Moonstrips’ takes its name from Eduardo Paolozzi’s 1967 screenprint portfolio ‘Moonstrips Empire News’. The beer’s recipe was inspired by David Bowie’s ‘Starman’, so we were drawn to the evocatively spacy ‘Moonstrips’ name.

Moonstrips is our “hazy, cosmic jive”. Typical of a German-style Hefeweizen, the look is a hazy golden-orange and the nose is a decidedly wheaty-banana. But rising through the wheatiness is a complex, rich smokiness reminiscent of an Islay whisky.

The taste is crisp and creamy, as sweet banana notes are undercut by the subtle peated smokiness. A satisfying thirst quencher, it pairs well with seafood and antipasti.

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SLOW JAZZ Cherry Saison, 6.5%

Slow Jazz is a real tastebud-tingler. We’ve jazzed up the traditional Belgian farmhouse style with whole cherries, adding a hint of tartness and sweetness to a dry, warming base. 

At 6.5% abv, it’s one to be sipped from a wine glass, half pint or schooner glass.

Pair with shellfish, cured meats or roasted white meats like pork belly. The cherry adds a complementary fruit note, while the saison will cut through fat and salt.

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