We’re here to get people to appreciate the art of beer.

We’ll only produce beers we genuinely think we can brew better than what’s already out there. Consistent; never dull.


UK’s Best Munich Style Lager 3 years running

(World Beer Awards 2016, 2017 & 2018)

Lager. That most taken for granted, everyday of beers is actually one of the most complex from a brewing perspective, and given due care and imagination really can be sublime.

Brewed with 100% barley malt, ‘munichised’ water, and, most importantly, given a proper lagering (cold conditioning) period for 5-6 weeks following fermentation, this 5.2% abv Munich helles style lager beer has a perfect bitter-sweet balance and fabulously sparkling appearance. We don’t pasteurise our lager, so it’s extra fresh and keeps its natural fullness of flavour.


Game-changing lager. Full-bodied, full-flavoured and fresh. This is the UK’s best Helles lager in it’s fullest, unfiltered form.

Paolozzi Unfiltered has a hazy golden appearance, with a soft, full head. The rich, creamy-smooth mouthfeel works perfectly with a beautifully balanced malt sweetness and lightly spicy, herbal hop notes.


Forget the craft beer jargon; this IPA speaks for itself. Old World, new-wave hops add a fruity twang to a surprisingly dry, full malt base. Satisfying and sessionable.

Slovenian Styrian Wolf and German Mandarina Bavaria Hops foxtrot on a rich malt base, releasing delicate flares of mandarin and blackcurrant. UNTITLED IPA is the essence of what we love about Edinburgh; it’s modern, outward-looking and proudly distinctive.

The artwork on the packaging comes from an ‘Untitled Proof’ by Eduardo Paolozzi. Like our IPA, you don’t need a specialist degree to enjoy it – it’s an instant, colourful pleasure.


A refreshingly crisp pilsner lager, inspired by our home city of Edinburgh. We add rice to the malt bill to give an extra dry and clean finish, whilst using noble European lager hops for that classic pilsner taste.


Smooth and satisfying, this stout is brewed with our house Edinburgh Ale Yeast, enhancing the rich, toasty malt bill and adding a sweet, silky texture. Expect notes of chocolate and coffee.


Dry-hopped with Cascade and Centennial hops, our Edinburgh Pale ale is all you need on a sunny afternoon. Citrus and floral aromas are matched with a clean and refreshing palate.