Every sale of our Paolozzi beers supports art and artists


Although it sounds Italian, our flagship beer is named after a Great Scot. Eduardo Paolozzi (1924 – 2005) was born in Edinburgh to Italian parents and is regarded as the founding father of Pop Art. From working in his parents’ sweet shop in Leith to teaching throughout the world – via a stint at Saughton prison during the war – Eduardo’s life was as varied and colourful as his work.

For us, he represents the brilliant creativity and international outlook of Edinburgh, and is someone who should be better known. His philosophy of transforming everyday objects into works of art – revealing the ‘sublime in the everyday’ – inspires our brewing, and our Paolozzi Helles and Untitled IPA proudly display his screenprints on their packaging.  


We make a charitable donation to the Paolozzi Foundation for each bottle, can and pint of Paolozzi Helles and Untitled IPA that we sell. This supports them in preserving and promoting the work of this Great British artist, as well as supporting a new generation of creative talent through schemes such as the ‘Paolozzi Award’ for students at the Edinburgh College of Art.


Our beers are beautiful on the outside as well as inside. 

Eduardo’s 1967 screenprint Illumination in the Eye screenprint can be found on all Paolozzi lager and Paolozzi Unfiltered labels, whilst Untitled IPA features a zingily vibrant Untitled proof (Trial for As Is When) by the artist.