Paolozzi Lager


Award winning Paolozzi Lager. UK’s best Helles/Münchner Style Lager (World Beer Awards). Outstanding Munich style beer with beautiful balance.

24 x 330ml bottles.


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    Our tribute to a Great Scot, ‘Paolozzi’ is a 21st Century Edinburgh take on a historic Munich style. An exceptionally refined lager beer, it has a perfect bitter-sweet balance and fabulously sparkling appearance.


    Named the United Kingdom’s Best Helles Lager 2016, 2017 & 2018!

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    12 Bottles, 24 Bottles, 6 Bottles


    1. Nicola Parker

      We look forward to drinking this beer every time we visit Edinburgh and it always lives up to the memory of the first time we tried it. The depth of flavour without the dryness of Stella or Kronenbourg makes this our favourite lager.

    2. Lia Brunton (verified owner)

      This is the best lager I have ever drank and I have sampled a fair few. First discovered it at a food festival a number of years ago and was overjoyed that the brewery is just a tram stop away from me. It’s fantastic fresh from the taproom at the brewery as well as the bottles. Absolutely delicious.

      • Edinburgh Beer Factory (verified owner)

        Thank you!

    3. Charlie Goodwin-Smith (verified owner)

      Tell you what folks the crates of this you’re dispatching are getting me through lockdown. Keep it up!

      One of the best Helles beers I’ve had, within the fairly tight confines of the characteristics of these German-style beers, they’ve managed to pack a huge amount of flavour. Instantly recognisable.

      • Edinburgh Beer Factory (verified owner)

        And your orders are getting us through! Thanks – very much appreciated

    4. Ian McMillan (verified owner)

      This is a very clean, crisp lager. Very nice hoppy taste that isn’t overpowering. I enjoyed my first case so much I’ve just ordered my second and third. It is on a par with West Brewery’s St Mungo, and could easily rival some of the German beers like Krombacher.

    5. Fraser Brown. (verified owner)

      Wow….. speedy delivery guys. Order this on Wednesday and was delivered today (Friday). I’ve been hooked on your lager ever since the Northop in Edinburgh when you first started out and it’s still one of the best tasting lagers I have had… and I’ve had a lot. Ha ha. Cheers.

    6. Scott morrison (verified owner)

      Great lager,really clean,light and refreshing,no even a trace of a hangover after getting carried away after first case bought. Probably the best lager i’ve had. Cheers guys.

    7. Tim Sellicks (verified owner)

      My favourite Munchener lager, that I’d put up there with Helles, it’s that good. My brother is addicted too.

    8. Mr David Griffiths

      I have just tried for the first time a bottle of Paolozzi helles as part of an 8 bottle champion beer pack bought for me as a birthday present. To me, although there was a hint of a helles lager, sadly the beer had a sour, vinegary aftertaste. I am sure my experience is an aberration and the beer is a really good helles. However,that said, my experience was very disappointing and the beer eventually ended up down the kitchen sink.

      • Edinburgh Beer Factory (verified owner)

        Sorry to hear this. It does sound like an off bottle. We’ll investigate this

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